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The First Executive Committee: About Us
The First Executive Committee

As a result of our Founder’s stature and network, he was able to assemble an impressive and highly committed group of like-minded individuals who felt equally passionately about championing the cause of leprosy patients and their communities when he founded the Malaysian Leprosy Relief Association in 1959. 

It was the efforts of the First Executive Committee that sowed the seeds of MaLRA’s strong foundations, and crafted a reputational legacy that has endured for more than six decades.


The first Executive Committee included such illustrious individuals such as:


Tan Sri Mohammed Tahir T. H. Tan

Vice President

Datin Hajjah Halimahton binti Abdul Majid

Honorary Secretary

Mr. Khoo Chong Kok


Mr. Lim Hee Hong

Honorary Auditor

Mr. A. B. Ding

Committee Members

  • Dr. Peter Mayo

  • Mr Y.T. Lee

  • Mr. Chan Keong Hong

  • Mr. Chong Shih Guan

  • Mr. E. Lawrence

Note: The above information was extracted from the Minutes of the Inaugural meeting of the Malayan Leprosy Relief Association held on 15th April 1959.

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